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March 29th: Half Guard Flat Pass (from Knee Cut)

Sometimes when you attempt the knee cut you'll get caught in Quarter (1/4) Guard and won't be able to free your foot. Good pressure and prying with your free foot will generally rectify the situation and allow you to pass, but some opponents will make this difficult. Some may even counter opponents transitioning with a Knee Bump Single Leg or transition to Deep Half. In order to stay on the offensive, there is a quick switch that can be done to tip the scale in your favor. As you Knee Cut, keep your far side hand anchored to the opponent's lapel close to their hip. With your near side hand, take a grip on the opponents pants, near the knee. In one motion lift and flip your opponent onto their other side, bringing their knee you are gripping in front of you. When this happens, stack on top of their legs with your chest, putting your opponent in a much more vulnerable position as this mitigates their chances of escaping or countering. From here, stay very heavy on the trapped knee and begin to fish for the underhook (on the side your opponent is now facing). Most of the time, your opponent will give it to you as they push off your chest or knee to recover. Once you have the underhook clasp your hands together and free your legs to complete the pass.

Half Guard Flat Pass to Back Take

Sometimes as you attempt the Flat Pass your opponent won't give up the underhook and hand fights you instead of pushing to create space. This can prove annoying, but opens up an opportunity to take your opponents back. Once you realize you won't be able to secure the underhook, grip on your opponent's pants (the top leg) and force it to the mat. Sometimes you will be able to pass from here. Most likely however, your opponent will take a grip on your sleeve since your leg will become free, but that is OK. In one motion, step over your own arm, turn on your side, and with your other hand, take a grip on your opponent's lapel. Keep turning, taking your opponent's back as you secure your hooks and control.

Written by JitsWeb co-founder John & Darryl