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an interactive guide to brazilian jiu-jitsu

JitsWeb Blog:

March 12th: Open Guard Passing Basics

When you're opponent is in a Seated Guard position and you are standing your initial point of attack should be to focus on getting your opponent to their back. Your first connection will be at your opponents ankles, whether grabbing by the ankles themselves or establishing a grip with the pants. Once established, lift up, raising your opponents feet into the air. This causes them to either (a) react and base or (b) flattens them on their back. From here look to pass. Sometimes your opponent will continue to roll, doing a back roll until they end in a Turtle position. When this happens, move with your opponent as they go backwards and adjust yourself to either side. Once your opponent rolls over into that Turtled position look to establish a proper Top Side Turtle position, ideally with a seat belt grip.

Generally your opponent isn't just going to easily roll over like that. When this happens you can transition to the traditional "Toreando Pass". As before establish your ankle/pant grips and put your opponent on their back. This time step back to create distance between yourself and your opponent. Simultaneously push your opponents legs to one side (ideally pushing them down into the ground). As you do this, step to the opposite side, which should now be clear from your opponents leg defense as you've pushed them to the other side. Once to their side, look to establish Knee on Belly. Often your opponent will defend with their arms, pushing away in an attempt to get to their side. Good control of the legs can help prevent this from happening.

Your opponent may defend by grabbing your sleeves and keeping their feet close to your elbows. You can use that to your advantage to go around their back side to establish a Top Side Control position. As before begin to push your opponents legs to one side. As they defend, keeping close, switch your momentum to the other side and push your opponents legs down. This will clear way to go around the back. Proceed around and look to establish a good top position from Side Control. Looking to control the head will help in maintaining position as well as prevent from being trapped by your opponent.

Written by JitsWeb co-founder John