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an interactive guide to brazilian jiu-jitsu

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February 12th: Over-Under Pass Defense (Grave Digger)

The Over-Under Pass can be devastating to you if you don't know how to counter. The idea is to create space between your hip and your opponent's underhook. Your first line of defense is stopping the initial pant grip which sets up the pass. If, however, your opponent secures the grip and begins to pummel for the underhook you need to move quickly. Should your arm (same side as they are attempting to pummel) and sink under opponent's armpit as deep as possible. With your free hand take a cross collar grip. Both hands now should be attacking the same side. Simultaneously kick out your leg, pull up on the arm and pull down on the collar while shrimping out. This off-balances your opponent and gives clearance towards the back, at the least force them to bail and reposition their weight (post). As soon as you explode out, come to the top in a Crucifix position or circle around to the back.

Experienced grapplers will often pummel for the underhook very quickly, closing the space under their armpit and blocking with their head. Although the situation as more dire, there is still hope. Reach over your opponent's shoulder and take a grip on the Gi under your opponents armpit. Now kick your leg, pull down on the cross collar and the armpit grip (as before) and shrimp out to topple your opponent's base, coming up for the back or knocking them over to secure a top position.

Written by JitsWeb co-founders John & Darryl