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an interactive guide to brazilian jiu-jitsu

JitsWeb Blog:

January 19th: Closed Guard Double Unders Pass

There is a common mantra for passing the Closed Guard referring to the position of your arms that usually goes "2 Arms In / 2 Arms Out". The idea suggests that as soon as one arm is isolated you are immediately susceptible to submissions such as the triangle and armbar. Building on this mantra you will see a benefit in passing your opponent when they attempt to force one of your arms either inside or out. Instead of using pure strength to muscle your arm back in/out you can use your opponent's motion against them. As they push your arm to create "1 Arm In/1 Arm Out", swim your other arm out at the same time (remembering our mantra "2 In/2 Out").

As soon as both arms are in (i.e. underneath opponents legs), clasp your hands together and pull your opponent towards your hips as far close as possible. One possibility is you will flip your opponent backwards and pass, or at the least be in a position to stack them. As this occurs your opponent will resist, trying to create distance between you and attempting to recover guard. During this struggle, take one of your hands and take a cross collar grip (across your opponent's neck making it uncomfortable). In one motion use your weight to stack them and switch your hips and shoulders hard, forcing their legs to the mat as you "shrug" their legs off you creating a clear path to proceed to pass.

Written by JitsWeb co-founders John & Darryl