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an interactive guide to brazilian jiu-jitsu

JitsWeb Blog:

December 20th: Open Guard 2-on-1 Sweep

Many times when you try establishing a cross grip your opponent will defend with their free hand. Blocking the cross grip by pushing away, your opponent becomes vunerable to you retaking cross grip on the other side. When this happens you can take wrist control on that arm and establish a 2-on-1 grip by bringing your other arm (original cross gripping arm) over to secure the tricep. This can be a powerful grip. On the same side as the 2-on-1, put your feet on opponents knees, preparing to kick out, leaving your opponent without a post on that side.

At the same time pull your opponent on top of you as you kick their knee out. Turn them as you come up to your knees and establish the Top Mount position. When performing this movement you can use your free leg as a hook to help turn your opponent. Place it underneath their armpit and lift up to assist in the sweep.

Written by JitsWeb co-founders John & Darryl