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an interactive guide to brazilian jiu-jitsu

JitsWeb Blog:

November 22nd: Closed Guard Series (Covel Transition Series)

With this particular series we enhance our goal in developing an aggressive guard that keeps your opponent on their heels. This prevents your opponent from establishing grips and setting up to pass. As with most Bottom Closed Guard setups you must first work to break your opponents posture. Once the posture is broken, begin working to create an angle by turning onto your side. This new angle will allow you to setup for the following possible actions, and will force your opponent to react as they want to maintain good posture. When your opponent's posture is broken down, begin addressing your opponent's other (outside) arm, which is your target arm. If your opponent gives up the overhook, keep it and begin freeing your opposite leg (controlling your opponents arm), securing the legs over your opponents shoulders and continuing for the triangle finish.

Most of the time, your opponent will recognize that they are in danger and will not allow you to overhook their arm in full guard and place their arm on your hip. This is where the position requires some nuance. Because of the angle you established earlier, it will be much easier to keep your opponent broken down as you control their shoulder, which can be done even though you don't have a traditional overhook. To set up the armbar, with your far arm, reach under your opponent's far leg and use it to enhance your angle. Maintain your control, passing your leg over your opponent's head, and hipping up to finish the armbar.

If your opponent stays tight and does not allow you to pass your leg over the head, keep them as tight as possible and get as much of an angle as you possibly can (completely perpendicular to your opponent preferably). Reach under the far side leg (opposite leg of the side you were attacking), which will provide leverage for the sweep. At the same time, lift up your hooked arm and swing your free leg out in a pendulum motion. Pull up on the leg you are anchored to lift your opponent and hit the flower sweep. Often you will be able to fall into an Armbar position which you can finish. If your opponent posts with his free hand, finish the armbar from the bottom as they have no defense for it from such a disadvantageous position.

Article Written by JitsWeb Co-Founder Darryl