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November 15th: Back Body Triangle & Rear Naked Choke Finish

One of our favorite positions from Side Control is the Gift Wrap. Any time you can get an Underhook the position becomes dangerous and the Gift Wrap is a Side Control Underhook on steroids. It's a two on one grip with the possibility of head control as well (if your opponent is foolish enough to turn away). Set it up by using your knee to nudge your opponent's arm across their chest. As you nudge your opponent's elbow you will have a split second to snag the Gift Wrap before they reset, so take advantage! Once they are caught and you've secured the Gift Wrap, flare your elbow out and thread it around your opponents head to begin working towards his back.

If your opponent turns away from you, step over them as far as you can with your nearside leg. Whether your opponent reacts or not, you will roll over to secure the back. If they turn away, roll over them into the Body Triangle with a Bottom Side Underhook. If your opponent turns towards you, step over with the same leg but this time pull them towards your underhook side. Either way, you end up with the underhook on the bottom.

This is quite valuable because if your opponent escapes your Body Triangle and manages to jump your leg, you can come to your knees and reset the position. Without that Underhook, your opponent would escape in that scenario. To finish from the body lock, snag your opponent's free wrist with your free arm as it defends the neck or body lock. When you catch it, open your body lock momentarily and shove the snagged arm between your legs and close the body lock around it. This nullifies the defending arm. With that arm nullified slide under the chin and finish the rear naked choke.

Article Written by JitsWeb Co-Founder Darryl