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JitsWeb Blog: Latest BJJ Moves and Situations:

March 29th: Half Guard Flat Pass

Sometimes when you attempt the knee cut you'll get caught in Quarter (1/4) Guard and won't be able to free your foot. Good pressure and prying with your free foot will generally rectify the situation and allow you to pass, but some opponents will make this difficult. Some may even counter opponents transitioning with a Knee Bump Single Leg or transition to Deep Half. In order to stay on the offensive, there is a quick switch that can be done to tip the scale in your favor... Read More

March 12th: Open Guard Passing Basics

When you're opponent is in a Seated Guard position and you are standing your initial point of attack should be to focus on getting your opponent to their back. Your first connection will be at your opponents ankles, whether grabbing by the ankles themselves or establishing a grip with the pants. Once established... Read More

February 12th: Over-Under Defense (Grave Digger)

he Over-Under Pass can be devastating to you if you don't know how to counter. The idea is to create space between your hip and your opponent's underhook. Your first line of defense is stopping the initial pant grip which sets up the pass. If, however, your opponent secures the grip and begins to pummel for the underhook you need to move quickly... Read More

January 31st: Over Under Pass to Knee Bar

It should be of no surprise that your opponent will attempt to block your pass by trying to create space between the two of you. Often as you attempt to pass they'll utilize their free leg to push against your face to do so. This can be especially annoying when you have no answers, but luckily there is one! ... Read More

January 25th: Over Under Pass (Half Guard)

The over under pass is a technique that's gained a lot of momentum lately since Bernardo Faria brought it back to the spotlight in 2015. By using specific grips, excellent pressure and beautiful technique you too can pass from the over under without getting triangled!... Read More

January 19th: Double Unders Pass (Closed Guard)

There is a common mantra for passing the Closed Guard referring to the position of your arms that usually goes "2 Arms In / 2 Arms Out". The idea suggests that as soon as one arm is isolated you are immediately susceptible to submissions such as the triangle and armbar. Building on this mantra you will see a benefit in passing your opponent when they attempt to force one of your arms either inside or out... Read More

December 20th: Open Guard 2-on-1 Sweep

Many times when you try establishing a cross grip your opponent will defend with their free hand. Blocking the cross grip by pushing away, your opponent becomes vunerable to you retaking cross grip on the other side. When this happens you can take wrist control on that arm and establish a 2-on-1 grip by bringing your other arm (original cross gripping arm) over to secure the tricep... Read More

December 17th: Worm Guard to Half X Series

One common defense to the Worm Guard is for your opponent to stand up and push your foot down into half guard (on the Worm Guard side). This puts you in a vulnerable spot to get passed, in which case you may need to force a scramble if not countered quickly. This transition to Half-X (also known as Single Leg X) allows for you to maintain control of your opponent... Read More

November 26th: Closed Guard Overhook Series

With this particular series we enhance our goal in developing an aggressive guard that keeps your opponent on their heels. This prevents your opponent from establishing grips and setting up to pass. As with most Bottom Closed Guard setups you must first work to break your opponents posture. Once the posture is broken, begin working to create an angle by turning onto your side.... Read More

November 15th: Back Mount Body Triangle

One of our favorite positions from Side Control is the Gift Wrap. Any time you can get an Underhook the position becomes dangerous and the Gift Wrap is a Side Control Underhook on steroids. It's a two on one grip with the possibility of head control as well (if your opponent is foolish enough to turn away)... Read More

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